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My Name is
Patrick M. Roanhouse
P.M. for short

I like to use gender neutral pronouns of They / Them.

Here is my Resume:

Resume Fall 2019

In the past I have worn many hats. I have been an IT engineer, network security analyst (digy white hat), progressive hackitivist, software trainer, technology consultant, technology journalist, gov tech policy blogger, podcaster, community organizer, video game QA tester, theater nerd, actor, voice over artist, stand up comic, photographer, graphic designer, civil rights and digital rights advocate, community volunteer, multiple Makerspace founder, Open Source Software advocate, mental health awareness advocate, and Open Educational Resources (OER) advocate.

I love fostering open transparent conversation as well as entertaining and educating honest people.

You can read, listen, or see some of my work at:

So if you want to have really geeky progessive conversations that goes long into the night about a host of random subjects ranging in acadmeic schools of thought I'm your man and you'll be back.

Contact me at the following:

PMR1984 (at) pm (dot) me

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